Review: Justice Warriors #1

Justice Warriors #1

When Matt Bors‘ name is on a comic, you know it’s going to be a satirical look at our world, skewering something. Justice Warriors #1 takes on a lot taking jabs at a lot of institutions and delivering a lot of laughs while doing so.

Bors and Ben Clarkson take us to the future where society lives in perfection under a dome while everyone that doesn’t deals with squalor and crime. The story follows two police officers one of which falls in the line of duty while attempting to take on a gang. The surviving officer Swamp Cop must teach naïve rookie Schitt about the beat and what it means to be a cop.

Take every goofy cliché from police television shows and films and throw them together and you have just a small taste of Justice Warriors #1.

Bors and Clarkson take things so much further skewering modern society as a whole with product pitches during funerals and normal human resource work activities also having product pitches. Add in a Mayor who is more interested in album sales than fixing issues and you have a combination that’ll leave you with a smile on your face and then frustrated at how close to home the comic hits.

The police show utter lack of any want to protect society and are full of incompetence that hits the news in what feels like every day. Politicians and their utterly useless staff have a complete disconnect from reality instead focused on the valueless bubble that is celebrity and digital metrics. It does what this type of story does best, rips apart reality.

Clarkson provides the art while Bors handles the lettering and Felipe Sobreiro handles the colors. The comic is packed with as many visual jokes as come out in dialogue. It all comes together for a fun machine gun delivery of humor that’ll keep readers on their toes. The world is futuristic and the team is able to mix in mutants and even a head that looks like an emoji poop with such ease readers won’t even question it. It’s all fantastic.

Justice Warriors #1 also includes two additional stories by Bors that feature all the witty humor you’d expect from him. It’s a fantastic start delivering everything I hoped it’d be and then some. Just a fantastic read that’ll have you laughing at the absurdity and then crying at the reality it skewers.

Story: Matt Bors, Ben Clarkson Art: Ben Clarkson
Color: Felipe Sobreiro Letterer: Matt Bors
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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