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Bill Jemas leaves AWA to form Be Good Studios

Bill Jemas is on to a new venture. News broke that he is now the CEO & Publisher of Be Good Studios. Recently, he was the Co-founder and CEO of AWA (Artist Writers and Artisans).

Jemas has a long career in comics, having been the former President and CEO – Publishing, Consumer Products and New Media at Marvel, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at 360 Entertainment, and the Founder and General Manager of Doubletake at Take Two Games.

Jemas departed AWA last week. The new venture will be an entertainment business owned and operated by the artists, writer, and artisans. It’ll focus on webtoons, comic books and graphic novels, animation, live action, mint and market NFTs, and will license those properties for media and merchandise.

Jemas came to Marvel through its acquisition of Fleer and rose in the ranks during the publisher’s bankruptcy. It was Jemas who promoted Joe Quesada into the position of editor-in-chief. His time was full of controversy and he left the company completely in mid-2004 after working with them in a non-executive capacity.

Jemas shared the announcement with other select media which you can read below. It gives a better idea of what the new business is about.

Leaving AWA, starting Be Good Studios.

Last Wednesday, I resigned as AWA CEO & Director. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to help get the business up and running and wish nothing but the best for AWA.

Last Thursday, I started Be Good Studios LLC. Be Good is an entertainment business owned and operated by the artists, writers and artisans who show and tell the stories and work for the business. We publish webtoons, comic books and graphic novels, produce and distribute animation and live action, mint & market NFTs, and license our properties for media & merchandise.

We do not do what other publishers do: commissioning comic book writers to create the original stories, then optioning those stories to Hollywood and hoping for others to re-write the stories, then fund, package, greenlight and produce TV programming and feature films.

Instead, we start with award-winning independent film makers and animators who co-create original stories with wonderfully talented webtoon and comic book artists. Then, we build audience with promotional partners and raise funding for feature films and TV series with strategic Web 3 investors.  So, we disintermediate Hollywood from our creative and funding processes and do our film & TV distribution deals from a position of strength.

Twenty-two years ago, as Publisher & COO, I worked and played on the team that turned Marvel from a bankrupt comic book publisher and toy company into one of the great turnaround stories of this, not-so new, millennium. Four years ago, I co-founded Artists Writers & Artisans.

At AWA, I’ve been recruiting, teaching, and learning from a cadre of up & coming creators and producers, including the key players on the team that created the Lesser Evils’ Universe) and are writing, drawing, and publishing the webtoon and comic series and writing, directing, and producing the first short film.

Be Good,

Bill J.


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