Review: Spider-Man: Exodus #1

Spider-Man: Exodus #1

As lauded as DC Comics is right now, what cannot be said enough is how they are the reason why Marvel’s TV shows are so good. As DC showed Marvel exactly how not to and how to do a superhero TV show. The early success of Smallville gave them the confidence to  explore more characters but to varying degrees of success. Then there are the few DC shows that did not leave the pilot phase, like Aquaman.

One thing that the recent boom of DC shows did was explain how people got their powers. Smallville explained it with when Clark landed on Earth, also it focused on how all the villains got their powers. In The Flash TV show, they did the same thing, even introducing some new heroes. In Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #1,  a new hero with a familiar name emerges, but not quite the same as the classic one we know and with completely different agenda.

We’re taken to Tansverse City, where Miguel O’Hara and Ghost Rider are meeting to stop a bounty contest from Norman Osborn from causing chaos, to secure what is known as the Celestial Garden, where man and machine could be healed. We are also taken to Siberia, where we meet the new Winter Soldier, a disavowed spy for Free Russia, who was betrayed by the same people who created her and her siblings, as she has come to the city, to carry out vengeance for those who betrayed her, but also finds out the Celestial Garden. She eventually hops a train to find out herself, but runs into Crossbones who looks to end her sojourn, but she proves too much for him, and ends him despite his bravado, taking with her, a very familiar piece of hardware. By the issue’s end, Winter Solider finds out the Celestial Garden is so wanted and Miguel is readies her for the fight that is headed their way.

Overall, Spider-Man: Exodus #1 is an action packed debut issue that puts the reader in a scary alternate future. The Story by Orlando is exciting. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, a story that shows the future can be changed.

Story: Steve Orlando Art: Dave Wachter
Color: Carlos Lopez Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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