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Norman Osborn Returns and Spidey Debuts a New Suit in Amazing Spider-Man #7 and #8

Next week, Marvel will honor 60 years of Amazing Spider-Man with the launch of a legendary new run by writer Zeb Wells and definitive Spider-Man artist John Romita Jr. From the first issue, fans will see the makings of a bold era in the life of Peter Parker. On the outs with the FF, the Avengers, and even Aunt May, the question that will be on everyone’s mind will be: WHAT DID SPIDER-MAN DO? The new saga will take another wild turn in July’s Amazing Spider-Man #7 when Norman Osborn returns with big plans for Peter and ushers in one of the biggest Spidey status quo changes in years… Courtesy of Oscorp?! Spider-Man will be getting a new suit complete with accessories that look vaguely…familiar. Is that a GLIDER?!

Check out the covers and Patrick Gleason’s design sheet right now and pick up Amazing Spider-Man #7 this July to discover the story behind the new look!