Broken Social Scene & Z2 Comics Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of You Forgot It in People with New Graphic Novel, “Lover’s Spit” Vinyl & Cassette

Z2 Comics celebrates the most crucial indie album of the new millennium with Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It in People, The Graphic Novel. Paralleling the confluence that led a community of Toronto musicians to craft a winding audio epiphany, this project unites one writer and 13 artists to create a series of intertwining vignettes inspired by the landmark 2002 record, You Forgot It in People, on its 20th anniversary. Overseen by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin DrewJustin Peroff and Brendan Canning, writer Lonnie Nadler joins Eric OrchardScott ChantlerRay Fawkes, Mike FeehanDiana Nguyen, and more artists to be announced for a fully Canadian sequential art jam session.

Within these pages, a collection of seemingly disparate strangers’ lives weave in and out of each others’ orbits, touched equally by the mundane and unexplainable. The meta of music and people and ideas harmonizing together shifts to a new medium for this touching and ambitious graphic novel. 

To commemorate the anniversary, the band is also releasing a 10-inch vinyl of “Lover’s Spit”—featuring both versions from, respectively, You Forgot It in People and b-sides collection Bee Hives. Broken Social Scene will also release an original tape cassette, a collection of unreleased instrumental compositions that will take the listener on a sonic journey.

Z2 and Broken Social Scene present You Forgot It in People, The Graphic Novel in both softcover and hardcover formats, as well as oversized hardcover deluxe, and an oversized hardcover deluxe edition hand-signed by members of the band. Renee Nault provides cover art. Deluxe editions include gallery-ready prints capturing various incarnations of the band, courtesy Eric Orchard (2018), Ray Fawkes (2003), Diana Nguyen (2004), and Adrienne Tollas (2001), as well as the Lover’s Spit 10-Inch Vinyl and cassette tape. Pre-order yours today.