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Christopher Priest Explores Vampirella’s Year One

In July 2019, the boundary-breaking and acclaimed Christopher Priest kicked off Vampirella’s 50th anniversary celebration. Now, three years later the next chapter begins – by going back to the beginning! Vampirella: Year One debuts this summer.

This limited event series is not only an exploration of the Daughter of Drakulon’s earliest days, but also a follow up to the explosive conclusion of Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy. Our vampiress is now wanted for murder, with every demon, vampire, whack-job zealout, reporter, and law enforcement officer on Earth hunting for her. As she takes refuge hidden away, Vampirella begins to recall and question how and why she came to this planet in the first place.

Artist Giovanni Timpano returns to illustrate the present-set framing sequences. For the core tale, Priest is reunited with Ergün Gündüz after the pair started the whole run back on Free Comic Book Day 2019. Letterer Willie Schubert continues to contribute as well. Together, the creative team is overhauling and expanding the classic origin story from Forrest J. Ackerman and Tom Sutton that originally amounted to just a handful of pages.

Travel to the scenic, exotic sites of Drakulon, and then back in time to 1960s New York City, where Vampi finds herself grappling with depression and intense loneliness as she attempts to build a new life.

Through the series she will meet her first friends like the fan-favorites Pantha and Pendragon, as well as her first enemies. She’ll also be navigating the turn of the decade amidst one of America’s most turbulent periods. Grab your go-go boots, Afro Sheen, and love beads!

A legion of unparalleled artists contribute covers to further solidify the history-making nature of this benchmark saga. Collette Turner is here, adding to her stunning pieces from Priest’s Draculina title. Lucio Parrillo continues his covers. Guillem March returns, as he helped kick this whole Priest era off too. Derrick Chew and Joseph Michael Linsner depict a young Vampirella that fans have rarely ever seen. Rachel Hollon makes history as the first cosplay cover with the white costume. And a limited incentive cover features the jaw-dropping pencils of Kevin Nowlan.

Vampirella: Year One #1 arrives in July.