Ninja Kaidan by Eric Palicki and Lucas Meyer is coming from BlackBox Comics

After bursting onto the comics scene in 2017, BlackBox Comics have continued to deliver exciting new creators and content on a monthly basis. Now, to coincide with their fifth anniversary, BlackBox is taking the next step in their evolution with the launch of a brand new ongoing series as they join Diamond Comics’ FOC (Final Order Cutoff) program.

Debuting in July, Ninja Kaidan, brings together the creative team of writer Eric Palicki, artist Lucas Meyer, colorist Michael Bartolo and letterer Dezi Sienty – under the watchful eye of BlackBox editor, publisher and creator, Dimitrios Zaharakis – to tell the story of Yuki Snow, an unlikely ninja who faces an even unlikelier foe… GHOSTS.

Not even a lifetime of martial arts training and years of military service can prepare Yuki for his latest, and perhaps greatest, challenge when he inherits Yokai Consolidated, his estranged father’s company. Yuki quickly becomes fascinated by his father’s pet project, the miraculous Kaidan armor, which allows its wearer to see, hear, and even touch ghosts! As he struggles to unravel the mystery of the armor and its purpose, Yuki finds himself facing foes, living and dead, who will stop at nothing to take it for themselves. 

Ninja Kaidan is in May PREVIEWS, and the first issue arrives in store with three covers, including a variant drawn by industry legend Ron Frenz. Retailers can adjust and add to their initial orders when the title goes on FOC ahead of its July release.

  • Ninja Kaidan #1 Cover A Lucas Meyer [MAY221292]
  • Ninja Kaidan #1 Cover B Ron Frenz [MAY221293]
  • Ninja Kaidan #1 Cover C Tiago da Silva [MAY221294]