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Preview: Barbarella #8

Barbarella #8

Writer: Sarah Hoyt
Artist: Madibek Musabekov
Covers: Carla Cohen (A), Derrick Chew (B), Butch Guice (C), Celina (D), Cosplay Rachel Hollon (E)
FC | 32 pages | Science Fiction/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

As the stakes grow higher, we enter the second half of our first two-parter! Barbarella and Vix find themselves stranded on a world with intriguing connections to the Lady, but overwhelming numbers of opponents to get through if they’re to escape with their skin/fur intact. It’s sci-fi-meets-Mesozoic madness. Or to put it another way, it’s all a bunch of Jurassic (Arthur C.) Lark(e). Come discover the land that time really should have forgotten!

Barbarella #8