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Avengers Forever comes to Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics

Avengers Forever Infinity Comic #1 has launched on Marvel Unlimited! Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Kev Walker, colorist Dean White, and edited by Tom Brevoort, this tie-in to the current Avengers Forever series expands on the Multiverse Avengers story playing out in comic shops now. Before reading Avengers Forever#1, hitting Marvel Unlimited on March 28, readers should set the stage with the Infinity series that also builds on Aaron’s landmark Avengers (2018). New issues of the 4-part series will be available weekly on the app.

Across the whole of creation, a war is being waged—between the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a collection of the greatest scourges in the Multiverse, and the forces of Avenger Prime, who leads an organized resistance against their destruction from Avengers Tower at the heart of the God Quarry. This…is AVENGERS FOREVER!

Avengers Forever Infinity Comic #1