It was Agatha all along in Hulkling & Wiccan #1

Just in time for Pride Month, the latest chapter in the saga of Hulkling and Wiccan comes to comic shops this June! First released in vertical digital format on Marvel Unlimited, writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jodi Nishijima’s acclaimed Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic will be collected in a single giant-sized issue! The story presents a thrilling turning point for the two young super heroes as Agatha Harkness targets their epic cosmic romance for her own mysterious purposes…

Hulking and Wiccan have found their happy ending at last…or have they? When a magical artifact shows them the paths not taken in life and love, will Billy and Teddy find their way back to each other? Will they even want to?

Check out mesmerizing new covers by Peach Momoko and Luciano Vecchio and pick up Hulkling & Wiccan #1 on June 15!