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Review: Cult of Ikarus #1

Cult of Ikarus #1

There’s a lot of vampire stories out there. A lot. And lets face it, so many blend together it’s hard to distinguish them and tell them apart. So, going into a new one you need to look for what stands out and is different. Cult of Ikarus #1 has more than enough to keep things interesting and have me come back for more. Hunter is on a mission to find out who she is. After meeting a mysterious bookstore owner she’s attacked by a group of vampires who think she’s familiar.

Jenna Lyn Wright delivers a debut that feels like it has a lot of inspiration from other pop culture. There’s a little Blade, some Lost Boys, mix in White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade, and absolutely Terminator 2. And it really works. There’s a bit of style to the debut issue that stands out. It’s interesting in how the story plays out. Not a lot of that is original but you’re sort of dropped into the story after the initial opening segment. Hunter is just in this store having a conversation that we feel like we’ve missed something. But that’s where the storytelling becomes really strong. It plays out slowly revealing what lead up to that and all of the information we think we missed is explained. It’s an interesting writing style that feels fresh and different. The reader feels a bit lost in the story like Hunter is.

The art by Karl Slominski is good. There’s an indie punk look to it all that really fits the characters and settings. The surprise of some of the action plays out as exactly that, a surprise by the characters. There’s also some really solid small details that adds some intriguing aspects to it all. Taylor Esposito‘s lettering adds to the action and some of those key action moments really emphasizing what’s going on, and delivering some humor to it all as well.

Cult of Ikarus #1 is another entry in the modern vampire genre that definitely has its roots in what has come before. But, there’s a certain flair about the debut that has me wanting to come back and see what happens next. Like Blade, there’s a popcorn entertainment aspect it that works and works well.

Story: Jenna Lyn Wright Art: Karl Slominski Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Story: 7.85 Art: 7.85 Overall: 7.85 Recommendation: Buy

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