Review: Sabretooth #1

Sabretooth #1

When it comes to villains in the comics there are few that fans really love. As there are the ones are the arch nemeses like the Joke and Lex Luthor. Then you have the amoral ones like Thanos and Dr. Doom. Then there are those villains you just love to hate.

Take for instance, Lobo, a classic villain the DC Universe, who is both sinister and salacious. Then there is Harley Quinn, a someone is tragic yet uses humor to speak through the pain. Then there is Sabretooth, who is Wolverine’s arch nemesis and whose history drives deep with Logan. In his own miniseries, Sabretooth #1, Victor Lavalle paints a portrait of someone many don’t really know.

We find Sabretooth just as the X-Men’s Quiet Council exile indicts him for  stealing date form Damage Control, a crime which Emma Frost brought him back to Krakoa, and the punishment is to be exiled to The Pit, a place where no man has escaped…. Until now. We find him months later in the wilderness of Krakoa, where the X-Men has sends a small  contingent to take him in, but he proves more voracious than when he got sentenced to the Pit, decimating them one by one. That is until they find him incapacitated and apprehend him, whereby Krakoa sends a lawyer to find out just how he escaped. By issue’s end, we find out just how time stood still and infinite universes and infinite possibilities were explored, until fate gave him something very different on one such day.

Overall, Sabretooth #1 is a fun and frightening story that is worthy of this long seething villain. The story by Lavalle is well developed and exciting,. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that tells us more about Sabretooth than previous stories have endeavored to do.

Story: Victor Lavalle Art: Leonard Kirk
Color: Rain Beredo Letterer: Cory Petit Design: Tom Muller
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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