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Beastö Blancö Take Readers on a Spacewave Conquest

From aboard a starship in a Galaxy unknown to man, Beastö Blancö: Spacewave Conquest takes you into a twisted black hole of Rock & Roll and space adventures, available in summer 2022.

Beastö Blancö, the rock band composed of Chuck Garric, Calico Cooper, Brother Latham, Jan LeGrow, and Sean Sellers, has riveted worldwide audiences with its music, creating an immersive sonic experience where everyone is welcome and support is unconditional and authentic. Now, Beastö Blancö is teaming up with unstoppable comics duo Garrett Gunn and Kit Wallis to bring its sensational spectacle to the page.

In Beastö Blancö: Spacewave Conquest, Free Media is dead. The Cosmic Communications Command, infiltrated by Indoctroids from Sector V, is being used to override hundreds of thousands of galactic streaming channels. With hopes of finalizing the upload of a weaponized neural hijacking code to the network, Commander Dix is prepared to make his final stand against the only threat to his evil plan; The Cosmic Pirates known as Beastö Blancö.

Beastö Blancö: Spacewave Conquest is set to debut this summer, but a collectible ashcan preview signed by the members of Beastö Blancö themselves will be released exclusively through Comic Conline this spring.