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Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. Take on Amazing Spider-Man Starting in April

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man and Marvel is celebrating its most iconic hero with a new volume of Amazing Spider-Man brought to life by two acclaimed comic book talents, Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.!

His “Shed” storyline is considered one of the best Spider-Man stories of all time, his bold work on New Warriors laid the groundwork for Civil War, and he’s currently making waves within the Spidey mythos in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s current “Beyond” era. Now hit writer Zeb Wells is ready to begin a new age at the helm of one of Marvel’s all-time great comic book series. Wells will be joined on Amazing Spider-Man by none other than the legend himself—John Romita Jr. The definitive Amazing Spider-Man artist made his grand return to Marvel last year specifically for this run and is back to bring Spider-Man’s world to the page with his singular, unmatched finesse. Arriving in April, Wells and Romita Jr.’s run will house all the classic elements fans love about Peter Parker, surprising new takes on your favorite Spider-Man foes, and the answer to the question that will be on everyone’s mind: WHAT DID SPIDER-MAN DO? 

Peter’s on the outs with the FF. He’s on the outs with the Avengers. He’s even on the outs with Aunt May! After a terrible and mysterious incident, no one wants to see Spider-Man – except for Doctor Octopus. Ock’s on Spider-Man’s tail and the Master Planner has something truly terrible planned for when he gets his tentacles on Spidey. All that, and Tombstone makes a move that will remind readers why he’s one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying villains…

Join us for Spider-Man’s biggest year when Amazing Spider-Man #1 hits stands in April with inks by Scott Hanna and colors by Marcio Menyz.

Amazing Spider-Man #1
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