Marvel Future Revolution Introduces Magik – The Ruler Of Limbo – In Latest In-Game Update

The latest update for MARVEL Future Revolution brings an all-new member of Omega Flight to player squads – Magik. Otherwise known as Illyana Rasputina, ruler of Limbo and sister to X-Men member Colossus, Magik is now officially live in the game. Netmarble is also celebrating the upcoming theatrical debut of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home with all-new limited-time content themed after the film.

Magik utilizes her gigantic Soulsword, a powerful weapon made from part of her own soul, to release powerful magic and unleash enemies on the battlefield. As the ruler of Limbo, Magik has access to demonic spells; the ability to summon demons like Hydras, Imps, and Hounds; and teleportation powers through her mutant Stepping Discs ability. She also has the ability to transform into Darkchylde, Magik’s dark half, allowing her to explosively destroy enemies. Players can now experience what makes Magik unique and distinct from other playable Super Heroes, and can learn more about her character by visiting MARVEL Future Revolution’s Developer Notes.

The update also introduces new content themed after the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home theatrical debut. From Dec. 15, a new Epic Invasion called the ‘The Sinister Six’ is now available for players eager to assist Spider-Man in stopping The Sinister Six from succeeding with their menacing plans. A new Spider-Man: No Way Home-inspired costume is also available now for players to collect and customize their Spider-Man character. Spider-Man [No Way Home] has also been added as a new companion for players to recruit.

Other additions in today’s update include:

  • Training Grounds – PvE content where players can farm experience points to level up their Super Heroes.
  • New Companions – In addition to Spider-Man [No Way Home], other characters like Daredevil have been added to MARVEL Future Revolution as Companions
  • Various Improvements, including:
    • Combat Targeting System Improvements
    • Costume Nano-Fusion Improvements
    • Omega Card/Companion Presets
    • Content QoL Changes (Dark Zone, Omega War, Special Operations)