Review: BRZRKR #6


BRZRKR has been an interesting series to read. It feels like a treatment for a movie and television series (which are in the works) but it has also surprised. The story focuses on B, an immortal warrior who seemingly can’t die. He now works for the US government going on dangerous missions while attempting to regain his memory and find peace. The comic is full of action but what surprises is that it also has a lot of heart. Through the action, the series has B reflecting on his past and what he wants in the future. BRZRKR #6 is another issue where B does exactly that as a mission goes sideways and he’s forced to hike to an extraction.

Written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, BRZRKR #6 is another issue where there’s a deep sadness about it. We’re again shown the power of B as he supports a mission but it’s the hike that’s the most interesting aspect of it all. The trip takes him through territory he’s been before having him recollect and think about his past.

Along with a fellow soldier, B talks about how he’s a weapon who attempts to find peace but his nature keeps bubbling up. It’s why he chose to join the US military, so that he could vent that as well as hopefully find a way to beat his nature. It’s a discussion we’ve seen a few times but this one reflects more on “sides” through history and who B has joined. We get hints of who he has fought for and it says a lot not about B but what he sees in those nations. The issue isn’t as much about B’s nature but those of the nations he’s aligned with. It’s one of the interesting aspects of the series. It delivers action, a lot of it, but it’s more of an exploration of humanity and our base self.

The art by Ron Garney continues to impress. With color by Bill Crabtree and lettering by Clem Robins, it all comes together to reflect B’s sadness. What I think stands out more are the subtle details as the issue progresses. B is immortal and regenerates when injured. After a pretty big battle we see him slowly healing as the issue goes on. They’re all subtle changes but enough to really drive home what’s going on and tell a part of the story. As B’s internal hurt is made clearer, his external pain goes away. It’s an interesting juxtaposition and excellent storytelling through visuals. It’s something that plays to the comic storytelling’s strength.

BRZRKR #6 is another solid issue. It again takes us into the hurt that is B’s life but also makes clearer what he wants out of it. It also deepens the mystery of those he’s aligned with and is obvious they don’t have his best of intentions. This is a series that continues to surprise as it delivers more than another action series. It delivers an action series with a lot of heart.

Story: Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt Art: Ron Garney
Color: Bill Crabtree Letterer: Clem Robins
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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