Review: The Last Session #1

The Last Session #1

While I love tabletop games, I’ve never been much into tabletop roleplaying. I’ve tried Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Star Wars, and a few others, but beyond one session, none really ever stood out to me as something I’d regularly want to do. Still, I know so many that love the time spent immersed in their games, looking forward to the next session. The Last Session #1 introduces us to a group of friends who after years are finally going to attempt to complete their first game session.

Written by Jasmine Walls, there’s a fun playful aspect to The Last Session #1. It does a solid job of introducing its characters and showing them slowly falling into their regular gaming sessions. Years later, we catch up with them again, they now have grown up a bit and faced with adulthood and their futures. It’s clear from their interactions that their gaming sessions are not just an excuse to get together with friends but also a way for them to escape reality and in some ways feel in control of their future.

But, the well-oiled group is threatened by a newcomer, the girlfriend of the dungeon master of the game. Bringing any new element into an existing party can throw things into chaos but this feels like it might do more so considering the length of the adventure and how “special” it is. As expected, the new party member doesn’t exactly click with the more veteran players creating the start of a session that feels a bit wild and teetering on off the rails. That control the other players seemed to be striving for might not be attainable quite yet.

Dozerdraws provides the art and keeps it light and fun. It’d be easy to go over the top serious with the look but it’d completely change the feel of the comic. As is, the style creates an atmosphere for readers that feels a bit welcoming in a way. It’s inviting as if we can sit down at the table with the group and be welcomed. It also works well mixing the real world and fantasy worlds. The style transitions nicely between the two settings for the story. Micah Meyers handles the lettering and packs a lot of dialogue in but keeps the story flowing. It’s a roleplaying game as you’d expect there to be a lot of talking and Meyers handles it all quite well.

Even if you’re not into tabletop roleplaying, it’s easy to appreciate The Last Session #1. It captures the feeling of introducing a new individual to an established group and how it can throw things off. But, even with that clear, the characters are still all very inviting and friendly making me want to throw dice with them, just maybe not in an RPG.

Story: Jasmine Walls Art: Dozerdraws Letterer: Micah Meyers
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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