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Review: Cross to Bear #1

Cross to Bear #1

Jack the Ripper was never caught because no one was looking for him in the Wild West…No one accept The Order. An organization made up of the descendants of Crusaders sworn to eradicate the unnatural, The Order will stop at nothing to fulfill the pledge their forefathers made, even if it means crossing the ocean or a line or two… Cross to Bear #1 is a fantastic debut that mixes the police chasing the perp narrative with a bit more focus on personal failures.

Written by Marko Stonjanović, Cross to Bear #1 at its heart is a “police” story of a “cop” pursuing a criminal across the land to bring them to justice. But, it’s the vengeance spin on it where the “cop” had their partner killed and wants revenge. But, Stonjanović does a an interesting thing weaving in this organization through it all. There’s hints as to what this organization is but it’s not the main focus. The Order adds some flavor to the characters, their history, and their motivation, as opposed to the story being about this group, its mission, and its agents.

Where Stonjanović makes things really interesting is towards the end of the comic where Simon comes across former member Edgar. There’s history there I’m not going to go into but it adds some solid wrinkles and depth to the story than just a simple pursuit.

The comic also features some solid back matter that adds depth to the world and characters fleshing out the story beyond the initial story.

The art by Siniša Banović with color by Djordje Kragnović and Aljosa Tomić with lettering by Taylor Esposito is pretty cool. It takes you into the world well and feels “accurate”. I’m not an expert on the era but the dress, buildings, and details all look really solid. There’s a darkness about it all that looks really good with the character featuring some solid personality, even the background ones that add flavor to the world.

Cross to Bear #1 is a really solid that takes a familiar concept and adds some interesting twists and turns to the story. It is a solid read and entertaining with some fun characters and a dynamic that’s unexpected that adds to the experience.

Story: Marko Stonjanović Art: Siniša Banović
Color: Djordje Kragnović, Aljosa Tomić Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

AfterShock provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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