Eternals the Comics! Jack Kirby Museum’s Rand Hoppe & Karen Charm of Comics XF

“When [Jack Kirby] came back to Marvel he was making Kirby comics, he was not making Marvel comics. And we’re the richer for it” -Rand Hoppe, Jack Kirby Museum

Jack Kirby’s 1977 comics series is a witty psychedelic saga about the Day of Judgement. Join Eternals experts for a look at Kirby’s underrated series historical context. Plus hear which other Eternals series we enjoy (and which you can skip).

Rand Hoppe had the idea for a non-profit devoted to Jack Kirby in 2004. Thanks to John Morrow from The Jack Kirby Collector and TwoMorrows Publishing and Jack’s daughter Lisa Kirby, the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center was founded in 2005.

Karen Charm (they/them) is a cartoonist and life-long X-Men fan. They write a lot about Eternals for Comics XF, including putting together an Eternals Primer and providing issue recaps of the current series with Zoe Tunnell. @karen_xmenfan on Twitter

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