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Preview: Dead Legends II

Dead Legends II

WRITER: James Maddox
ARTISTS: Gavin Smith, Ryan Ferrier
SRP: $16.99
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
PUB DATE: October 26, 2021
PUBLISHER: A Wave Blue World

DEAD LEGENDS II picks up a few months after Yan’s crushing victory where she exacted revenge on her husband’s killer and changed the tournament forever. She and her diverse squad of teammates — her fighting family — are now on the run from deadly assassins, all sticking to their vow of never leaving Yan’s side through battle after battle. But there’s another wrinkle: Yan’s new daughter, Yoshi. As they flee and fight for their lives, this crew also has to raise a kid, in a cool twist on the “Lone Wolf and Cub” concept. Yan isn’t alone, but neither are her enemies, some of whom have their own agendas for upending the tournament and its mob of killer bad guys.

In true DEAD LEGENDS fashion, the new book is female-centric and forward-looking while sticking to the genre’s traditions, making for a fun drive-in movie experience that’s actually about something. The silent chapter is worth the price of admission by itself, with Gavin’s fluid, cinematic artwork moving the plot forward through brutal takedown after brutal takedown.

Dead Legends II
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