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Kick Off the Day with Four New Digital Releases

There’s four new comics available now on comiXology from Magnetic Press, Titan Comics, and Tidalwave Productions. Start shopping or check out the individual releases below.

False Guard #5

Written by Merwan
Art by Merwan
Cover by Merwan

The championships have arrived, and Mane and Eiam are paired as a team in their one chance of victory. It is a tense relationship, putting their lives in each other’s hands, but a strong team means an unbreakable bond…

False Guard #5

Life is Strange FCBD 2021

Written by Emma Vieceli
Art by Claudia Leonardi
Colored by Andrea Izzo

Spanning multiple timelines, and packed with twists and turns, Max and Chloe’s comic book adventures pick up from one ending of the award-winning original videogame.

Life is Strange (the game)
Mysteriously gifted with the power to rewind time, photography student Max Caulfield made the fateful decision to save her oldest friend Chloe Price, from a gunshot wound. In doing so, she began to unravel a web of dark secrets and find justice for Rachel Amber, Chloe’s closest confidante, who had been murdered. Max’s abilities, however, brought about a once-in-a-generation storm which threatened to destroy Arcadia Bay, unless she were to rewind time and allow Chloe to die. In one timeline, Max chose to save Chloe once again, and sacrifice Arcadia Bay.

VOLUME 1: DUST (collects Life is Strange #1-4)
A year after the destruction of Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe are living in Seattle, with their friends in the band, The High Seas, until Max begins losing control of her powers. With Max’s power sending her flickering through alternate timelines, she and Chloe return to Arcadia Bay. But when her powers threaten to tear her apart, Max must leave Chloe and her original timeline behind, making a blind leap into an all-new reality.

VOLUME 2: WAVES (collects Life is Strange #5-8)
Max arrives in a new timeline, freed from the ravages of her power in the process. But there’s a Chloe in this new reality – and also, to her surprise, a Rachel! Forced to hide her past, Max struggles to fit in, until she meets a mysterious stranger – Tristan – who has the power to phase in and out of reality.

VOLUME 3: STRINGS (collects Life is Strange #9-12)
Thanks to Tristan, Max is unable to hid her secret from Chloe and Rachel any longer. Together, the pair work on a plan to combine their powers and help Max return to her original timeline and reunite with the Chloe she left behind. Although Max and Tristan both attempt to make the jump, only Tristan proves able to cross the timelines, leaving Max behind…

VOLUME 4: PARTNERS IN TIME – TRACKS (collects Life is Strange Partners in Time #1-4)
Though Max’s plans to return home have seemingly been dashed, life doesn’t stand still. Max, Chloe, and Rachel embark on a cross-country road trip from Santa Monica to Florida, following the tour route of the High Seas – a journey paralleled by Tristan and Max’s Chloe, in Max’s original timeline!

VOLUME 5: COMING HOME (collects Life is Strange: Coming Home #1-2)
Max’s attempts to get back to her Chloe continue, but will her efforts prove successful? The quiet revelations of a close ally, who proves to have a subtle power all of her own, may be the missing puzzle piece in Max’s epic journey home…

Life is Strange FCBD 2021

Small World CE

Written by Jean-David Morvan
Art by Toru Terada
Cover by Peach MoMoKo

The complete SMALL WORLD, collecting digital singels #1-6.

Small World CE

Stormy Daniels: Space Force #3

Written by Stormy Daniels, Darren G. Davis, Michael L. Frizell
Art by Pablo Martinena

STORMY AND HER CREW CRASHED ON THRONEWORLD! Hunted by Captain Domina and Commander Resa, can the surviving members of the U.R.E. Helix avoid being captured and sent to the arena? Can anyone stop Dr. Zeon’s doomsday weapon? And if they can stop the destruction of Earth, how can they escape the planet? It’s a race against time as the Red Queen sets her sights on putting an end to OrDon’s rule once and for all.

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