Floating World teams up with Power Comics to launch a New Imprint

Vendetta: Holy Vindicator

Power Comics has announced a partnership with independent publisher Floating World Comics to curate a new line of reissues featuring its favorite and most important discoveries including Ken Landgraf and Bob Huszar‘s street vigilante epic New York City Outlaws, and a collection of Steve McArdle‘s singular thrash-metal outlaw-verse Red Bullet Comics.

Announcing the debut publication from Floating World / Power Comics…


Just when we thought we’d seen every supreme extreme in the superhero megaverse… we unearthed the decades-old, skin-flayingly singular work of Steve McArdle and his Red Bullet Comics imprint. From the start, McArdle was a maestro of blood and mayhem, an overlooked ’90s creative genius wrapped in black leather and raw ambition.

In his undisputed masterpiece Vendetta: Holy Vindicator, skulls, spikes, motorbikes, chains, more chains, and Satan collide at thrash-metal speed in what may be the most intenselyconfident entry to the self-published comics canon… ever.

Collects Vendetta: Holy Vindicator #1-4 and Artillery #1