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Floating World teams up with Power Comics to launch a New Imprint

Vendetta: Holy Vindicator

Power Comics has announced a partnership with independent publisher Floating World Comics to curate a new line of reissues featuring its favorite and most important discoveries including Ken Landgraf and Bob Huszar‘s street vigilante epic New York City Outlaws, and a collection of Steve McArdle‘s singular thrash-metal outlaw-verse Red Bullet Comics.

Announcing the debut publication from Floating World / Power Comics…


Just when we thought we’d seen every supreme extreme in the superhero megaverse… we unearthed the decades-old, skin-flayingly singular work of Steve McArdle and his Red Bullet Comics imprint. From the start, McArdle was a maestro of blood and mayhem, an overlooked ’90s creative genius wrapped in black leather and raw ambition.

In his undisputed masterpiece Vendetta: Holy Vindicator, skulls, spikes, motorbikes, chains, more chains, and Satan collide at thrash-metal speed in what may be the most intenselyconfident entry to the self-published comics canon… ever.

Collects Vendetta: Holy Vindicator #1-4 and Artillery #1

Bob Huszar and Ken Landgraf’s Apocalypse 5000 is Back in Print after 30 Years!

Mankind has fallen and the weak exist only to serve The Great Machines. What rebels remain are hunted to die in the areas or enslaved to build the great computer pyramids. But this is not the end…

Apocalypse 5000 was originally published in New York City Outlaws which were released in the mid-1980s. It comes back in print this May from Floating World Comics. Apocalypse 5000 is written by Bob Huszar, the art is by legendary Outlaw Comics master Ken Landgraf!

Apocalypse 5000
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