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A New Era of Valiant Begins with New Hires and Event

Rob Levin

 Big changes are happening at Valiant Entertainment.

The future of the award-winning publisher’s slate of comics will fully embrace the potential that its shared universe of compelling characters has to offer, and Rob Levin has joined the team as Executive Editor to help move this vision forward.

While 2021’s titles ShadowmanNinjak, and the upcoming series The Harbinger (on sale 10/27) will publish new arcs in 2022, the upcoming year will also see a concentrated focus on reminding comic fans about what sets the Valiant Universe apart from other shared universes. The direction will see Valiant double down what has worked best for the company, individual series that can be enjoyed on their own and play a part in the larger tapestry that is the Valiant Universe.

Valiant’s comics in 2022 will see epic new stories from fan-favorite and critically-acclaimed creators, all working together to move the universe forward with stories that make an impact and have lasting repercussions. Next year will see the release of a thrilling event that brings Valiant’s iconic characters together and will pave the way for new launches and the creation of a whole new team. That includes the return of many beloved and missed faces.

The release promises that “2022 is the year that Valiant will be forever changed”.

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