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Review: Black Cat Annual #1

Black Cat Annual #1

Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, gets stuck in South Korea and is forced into a team-up with White Fox and Tiger Division in Black Cat Annual #1. Their target? The super-powerful Taegukgi, who is working for a local crime lord. However, it goes from bad to worse when they find said crime lord and all of his henchmen dead, meaning someone else is now in control of a very deadly superhero.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed with the annuals this year from Marvel is that the stories have felt a bit different, from Iron Man being a mentor to Miles Morales in the Iron Man annual to the team-up with Tiger Division in this issue. I do wish these were just a bit bigger. I’m a fan of the old 64-page annuals. Back to Black Cat Annual #1, it’s nice to see some newer characters get a bit more use and if remembering correctly, collectors made a big deal out of Taegukgi’s first appearance. The fact that Black Cat ends up with a bomb planted in her neck and spends large amounts of time complaining about it to White Fox did seem a bit played out. Is there just no other way to get help from someone than by booby-trapping them?

Nick Fury’s story in the second part dealing with the infinity gems has been a better use of pages than some of the stories in the older annuals but to me, this chapter just seemed a bit too brief. Go figure. And if I guessed who the shadowy figure is, then I am a bit more excited to follow where this story goes. However, there’s a part of me that thinks It’s just more of Marvel Comics trying to make all their books feel just like their cinematic endeavors. It’s a little thing but they used to be called the infinity GEMS. If they had any stones, they’d go back to calling them that.

I thought the creative team did a fine job on this book. Jed MacKay wrote both parts of this book and one thing that stood out to me was his characters do “sound” different from one another. I liked Juan Ferreyra’s art better in the second half story. I really thought the style added to the story. And in saying that, Joey Vazquez’s art was good, too. I just preferred one to the other.

You could certainly do worse than buying or reading Black Cat Annual #1. It just didn’t feel like that much of a throwaway story and I’m also glad to see a character like Black Cat getting the much-needed push. I think those that read this issue have probably never heard of the added characters in this issue but that’s okay, you have to start somewhere. This issue was definitely worth a read.

Story: Jed MacKay Art: Joey Vazquez and Juan Ferreyra
Color: Brian Reber Letterer: Ferran Delgado
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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