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Review: By The Horns #3

By the Horns #3

The day I read this comic was not a good day for me; for whatever reason, it felt like a dark cloud was hovering over me and nothing I could do was going to shake it. Knowing this wasn’t the best headspace to read and review a comic, I planned on just reading By The Horns #3 and reviewing it later after a reread. That lasted until about the third page when I realized I was really enjoying the book; it was like sitting down with an old friend and shooting the shit for a few minutes – it took me away from my headspace long enough for me to breathe.

Now granted I’m already all in on this series, and anything the creative team (writer Markisan Naso, artist Jason Muhr, and colorist Andrei Tabacaru) put together, but this is a comic that was a joy to read. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air for me.

With By The Horns #3 we find Elodie, Sajen, the two unicorns Rigby and Zoso, and a giant floating eyeball named Evelyn recouping after defeating the wizard Futen by picking up some new weapons and learning what their place is going forward. There’s a well written scene in which Elodie is determined to kill the two unicorns to avenge her dead husband, but Sajen talks her through why that’s not the most logical of ideas. The scene has a slight meta feel to it, almost as if Naso is explaining why the unicorns aren’t already dead but also grounds the story and moves it beyond the blind vengeance angle is had been taking.

One of the things I love the most about this creative team is how damn consistent they are; Jason Muhr is a great visual storyteller, and he guides your eyes ever so gently from panel to panel with an elegant simplicity. Muhr and Naso are a fantastic storytelling pair – this comic really does run the emotional gauntlet with a little bit of everything in it and yet never once does it feel overwhelming or as if there’s too much content for the pace of the book.

By The Horns #3 is a genuinely fantastic comic. If you can find the other two issues, then you’re in for an absolute treat. If not, then it’ll be well worth grabbing the trade when it releases. This is probably the book I look forward to most every month, and I’ve yet to come even close to being disappointed.

Story: Markisan Naso Art/Lettering: Jason Muhr Colors: Andrei Tabacaru
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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