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Get a Look at the Ninjak #1 1:100 Prisma Glass Cover

Valiant Entertainment presents a first look at the Ninjak #1 Prisma Glass Variant Cover, featuring artwork by acclaimed storyteller Javier Pulido.

Designed by Travis Escarfullery, Valiant Entertainment’s Director of Design and Production, this special variant cover is a screen print over a pane of acrylic. Seven different inks bring the cover to life, including three fluorescent dayglo inks which glow under a blacklight. Get a better look at this limited variant below.

The Ninjak #1 Prisma Glass Variant Cover is a 1:100 cover which means comic book shops will receive one with every qualifying order of 100 copies of Ninjak #1. Contact your local comic shop for more information on how to add this limited cover to your collection.

Ninjak #1 by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido with lettering by Dave Sharpe and Pulido, comes to shelves July 14.

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