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Review: Static: Season One #1

Static: Season One #1

Dynamic and crackling with energy. That’s a great way to describe Static: Season One #1, the ongoing start to the Dakotaverse. After far too long on the shelf, the world launched by the trailblazers at Milestone decades ago returns for a new take for a new time. Even with such high expectations and pressure, Static: Season One #1 is a solid debut that has me excited for more.

With a story by Vita Ayala, the debut issue delivers a nice mix of teenage issues and superhero action. Ayala focuses on the angst of what a kid’s to do when he develops superpowers. Layered on top of an underlying story about a proliferation of powers in general and you have a comic that’s your coming-of-age teen superhero story mixed with social awareness.

The story has a clear focus on Virgil’s struggle with his powers. But, there’s a parable aspect to it with the expansion of powers among the youth. For those who missed Milestone Returns #0, police used an experimental gas to disperse a protest resulting in powers emerging from some individuals. Dubbed “Bang Babies”, the protestors are blamed for what happened to them, not those who perpetrated the crimes. The situation can be applied to so many different real-world situations that it works well. Readers can come at the comic from their own experience and perspective that way though all stemming from an injustice and victims being blamed for the actions taken against them.

But through all of that Ayala reminds us that Virgil is a kid. He plays roleplaying games and has trouble asking out girls. He’s worried about his grades. His family talks at him as opposed to him. And as we’ve seen, he must deal with bullies, a situation far too many can relate to.

The layouts by Chriscross are fantastic. With finishes and colors by Nikolas Draper-Ivey, the comic is beautiful to look at. There’ a youthful energy about it that’s hard to ignore. The page layouts at times pop and all the time feel fresh. This is a comic that has a look and feel that’s perfectly in-sync between the writer, artists, and the characters. What’s impressive is there are some pages and spreads that are packed. But, at no time does it feel overwhelming or cluttered. It’s beautiful to look at playing off the blue energy Virgil’s struggling to keep in.

The comic is fantastic. There is some choppiness at times with some jumps in scenes and some disbelief as to who knows about the events of Milestone Returns #0 but it’s a hell of a fun start. Ayala delivers a balance of action of the grounded issues of growing up. It delivers a start in a classic style of superhero stories with a look that’s full of energy. Static: Season One #1 is a hell of a start that’s well worth checking out and the start of something exciting.

Story: Vita Ayala Layouts: Chriscross
Finishes/Color: Nikolas Draper-Ivey Letterer: Andworld Design
Story: 8.7 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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