Marvel’s Avengers Gets More Content from Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers has been a bit of a rough game though been improving as more content has been released. At E3, new expansions for the game have been revealed by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

“Cosmic Cube” and a trip to “Wasteland Patrol” were highlighted with new modes but it’s the cinematic trailer that was the highlight.

The “Black Panther: War for Wakanda” expansion was the big reveal for the game which features Black Panther and the Avengers taking on Klaw. It will be included at no additional cost.

Black Panther must defend Wakanda from Klaw, who seeks to steal Vibranium for his own desires. Watch the cinematic trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda. Available in August 2021!