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Fog Line – Henry is haunted by a hit and run and a true crime podcast threatens to expose him

Fog Line is a 36-page noir comic about guilt, shame, and paranoia. Henry, a retired truck driver, begins to crack when his darkest secret is thrust back into his life. A true crime podcast explores the mysterious disappearance of a victim Henry hit. It’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

The comic is black and white presented in a landscape format.

Fog Line is written by Mario Candelaria and Andy Michael, with art by Andy Michael, lettered by Matt Krotzer, and edited by Hernán Guarderas.

You can get the standard digital edition for $10 with a print copy costing $18. Other tiers include a deluxe digital edition, signed edition, sketches, original art, and more.

The campaign is over half its goal on Kickstarter. It ends on July 9 at 10pm ET.

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