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Hot Toys Reveals an Iron Man Mark XLII (Deluxe Version) Figure

Hot Toys latest release is an epic 1/4 scale Iron Man™ figure inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance (and his epic Mark XLII armor!) in Iron Man 3. 

Expertly crafted with incredible screen-accurate details, this Deluxe 1/4 scale Marvel figure features an amazingly realistic head sculpt of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, as well a battle damaged helmeted head sculpt, and an interchangeable helmeted head with LED light up functions.

The 1/4 scale figure also comes with a number of interchangeable battle damaged armor parts; a battery booster (that Tony Stark used to recharge the armor in the film); and multiple glowing LED light-up features on eyes, arc reactor, and repulsors, as well as shining through various parts of his armor.

The Deluxe Version of the Iron Man Mark XLII also features a specially-designed Arc Reactor-themed diorama figure base with LED light up functions (battery operated), detachable gantry arms, a Mark XLII nameplate, and movie logo.

Expand your Iron Man collection with this remarkable Mark XLII (Deluxe Version) figure now available for pre-order, via Sideshow.

The Iron Man 3: Mark XLII (Deluxe Version) figure, features:

  • Individually hand-painted and ultra-realistic “battle damaged” helmeted head sculpt with the likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man 3
  • An interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up function (battery operated)
  • A 1/4 scale body, with over 40 points of articulation
  • Specially applied metallic gold, red and silver paint on the streamlined Iron Man armor with intricate weathering effects
  • LED-light-up eyes, Arc Reactor on chest, and back (battery operated)
  • LED lights can shine through the sides of the armored chest, forearms, and the back of the legs (battery operated)
  • An interchangeable battle damaged mask
  • Interchangeable battle damaged armor for the chest, shoulders, biceps, and forearms
  • One pair of attachable shoulder missiles
  • Interchangeable forearm armor with rockets
  • Six interchangeable hands including:
  • A pair of fists
  • A pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsors (battery operated)
  • A pair of repulsor-firing hands (battery operated)
  • Articulated armor-flaps on the legs
  • Fully deployable air-flaps on the armored back
  • Articulation on the waist armor, allowing for flexible movement
  • One articulated flash bang
  • One battery booster with electrical cables
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