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Preview: Transformers Annual 2021

Transformers Annual 2021

(W) Brian Ruckley (A/CA) Alex Milne
In Shops: Jun 09, 2021
SRP: $5.99

“Light/Star”. Vigilem, an ancient force, a Cybertronian Titan, a seemingly unstoppable engine, broke the tether between Cybertron and its moon. Lodestar remains the only other active Titan and, together with her cityspeaker, Lightbright, has been tasked with bringing Vigilem home or taking him down. When Vigilem flees to a colony run by Thunderwing and his lackeys, Lightbright, Lodestar, and the Technobots will have to go on the most dangerous mission of their lives in pursuit of the Titan!

Transformers Annual 2021
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