Review: Everfrost #1

Everfrost #1

Everfrost is described as “sci fi insanity” and that’s not too far off with a debut issue that’s a bit all over the place. Everfrost #1 is an interesting start that jumps around in its focus never quite explaining things enough to really make sense.

Written by Ryan K. Lindsay, the first issue focuses on Van Louise. She’s attempting to get off her planet which is embroiled in war. Well, we think it is. There’s some discussion from her and we’re dropped into a battle in the comic but things are never quite explained as to what’s going on beyond two groups that hate each other. She’s also a bit alone having to deal with the death of her son which is shown in flashbacks. Again, things are hinted at but never quite explained enough.

Everfrost #1 isn’t a bad debut at all. It just feels like it bounces a bit all over, taking the focus off the more interesting aspects. Van Louise is an interesting character. She’s clearly haunted by her past and she’s focused on her mission of getting off the planet. She’s joined by a talking monkey named Eight. That too is just kind of brushed off in a paragraph where Van Louise explains he just appeared and she didn’t really ask too many questions. It’s a microcosm of the weirdness of the comic. A frozen tundra, sea monkey like humans, decapitated rulers coming back. It all just kind of is, celebrating the craziness that can be science fiction.

That craziness is delivered through the art of Sami Kivelä. With color by Lauren Affe and lettering by Jim Campbell, the art is intriguing telling some of the story of the world. At times it feels like a messed up Earth but when you look at the details it’s just ever so off. Much like the concepts within, the art really prides itself on nailing down the all over look of the series. There’s a frozen tundra but also massive cities and shanty towns. The comic’s world feels lived in and organic in some ways. There’s also some art that feels off. The “human sea monkeys” don’t look quite right in their size when a panel zooms in on them but the concept overall is cool and depiction interesting.

Everfrost #1 is an interesting comic. It’d likely have been stronger focused in on Van Louise and her attempt to escape. But, it decides to show us a bit more of the world taking the focus all over. It’s one that has fantastic concepts. Now, if we could get a bit more of each.

Story: Ryan K. Lindsay Art: Sami Kivelä
Color: Lauren Affe Letterer: Jim Campbell
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

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