Stray Dogs #4 and Stray Dogs #1 Go Back to Print

Stray Dogs #4 by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner—which just landed in stores last week—as well as Stray Dogs #1, have sold out completely at the distributor level. Image will fast-track both issues for reprints in order to keep up with overwhelming demand for the much talked about series.

In Stray Dogs #4, time is running out. Hackles are raised, tensions are high, and nobody’s had a thing to eat. When the Master’s away, the dogs will drag everything awful into the light. And the awful truth is nobody’s coming to set them free. 

Available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 23:

  • Stray Dogs #5 Cover A – Diamond Code APR210337 
  • Stray Dogs #5 Cover B Horror movie homage variant – Diamond Code APR210338 
  • Stray Dogs #4, second printing – Diamond Code APR218875
  • Stray Dogs #1, third printing – Diamond Code APR218874