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The Black Order Invades Marvel Future Fight in May Update

Netmarble’s popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight brings a suite of Thanos-themed content to players, along with other in-game improvements and enhancements that await players.

The Children of Thanos receive all new armor, as the ‘Dark Obsidian Armor’ uniforms for Proxima MidnightBlack DwarfCorvus GlaiveEbony Maw and Supergiantare available to collect. Today’s update also introduces the Guided Quest mode, in which lower-level player Agents have access to special missions that, when completed, will earn rewards used to upgrade certain characters and obtain upto 10ea Tier-2 characters.

Other changes to MARVEL Future Fight include:

  • The World Boss Supergiant’s Ultimate level is added
  • Players can now earn Hero EXP when clearing normal difficulty Story Missions
  • Proxima Midnight can now be upgraded to Tier-3 and has new Ultimate Skill
  • The ‘Realize Potential’ function has been added for six characters including: SupergiantGoliath, KillmongerUlysses Klaw, Whiplash and Yellowjacket
  • The ‘Awaken Potential’ function has been added for Black DwarfCorvus Glaive and Supergiant

MARVEL Future Fight recently celebrated its sixth anniversary this month with over 120 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

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