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Spider-Man will come to Disney+

Spider-Man: No Way Home

After a massive deal with Netflix, Sony Pictures has signed another deal, this time with Disney. The licensing deal will bring Spider-Man and other “Marvel properties” from Sony to Disney+ and elsewhere starting with Sony’s 2022 release slate.

The deal features a lot of parts and runs through Sony’s 2026 theatrical slate. Sony titles will come to Disney+, Hulu, FX Networks, ABC, Disney Channels, and Freeform. There are other titles that are included in the deal. Disney said a “significant number’ of films will come to Hulu in June.

This is not long after Sony and Netflix signed a deal to bring Sony’s films to the platform in the post-theatrical window. The Disney deal would cover airisng after. The films will come to Netflix about nine months after the start of the theatrical run then after to Disney’s various platforms. Both deals are for the same term.

Like the Netflix deal, the Disney deal only covers the US market.

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