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Review: They Fell From the Sky #1

They Fell From the Sky #1

There’s nothing particularly unique so far about They Fell From the Sky #1. But, it’s a solid debut that has me wanting to come back for more. The story is a bit of a mix between Galaxy Quest and E.T. but it’s the small details of the series that makes it stand out.

Written by Liezl Buenaventura, the story revolves around Tommy, a young kid bullied at school and dealing with family drama. He and his friends are focused on a television show Space Journey, a Star Trek-like show. They watch the episodes sharing the experience and one day Tommy has his own close encounter with an alien.

Buenaventura’s set-up is good though never quite stands out from the other similar works out there on its surface. Instead, it’s the small details that sets the comic apart. Tommy’s family are ones that stand out in their small town. A town that is seething with underlying racism and broader issues than just family squabbles. We learn about so many of the characters, and this town, through single lines or small moments. It’s all of those things that add up to create such a fleshed out world. That’s the real strength of They Fell From the Sky #1.

The art by Xavier Tárrega is good. DJ Chavis provides the color with an assist from Barry Hall while Joamette Fil does the lettering. The art is really solid and consistent. There’s little to fault it for in a negative way. It also doesn’t quite take advantage of the moments Buenaventura sets up. A racial epithet is thrown out which would be a perfect time to show a little more emotion from Tommy. It doesn’t happen. A fight to gives the potential of some real emotion or domestic issues. And while there are reactions, it never quite really nails things to the point you can connect.

They Fell From the Sky #1 is a solid start and hints that the second issue with take things in a much different direction from the other familiar stories. It’s a good comic that has a lot of potential and hopefully it can build off of the small moments in the first issue to deliver something real special.

Story: Liezl Buenaventura Art: Xavier Tárrega
Color: DJ Chavis Letterer: Joamette Fil Color Assistant: Barry Hall
Story: 7.95 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.95 Recommendation: Buy

Mad Cave Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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