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Killadelphia #12 Gets a Reprint

Killadelphia #12 by award-winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes and artist Jason Shawn Alexander has staked its claim on readers’ hearts and sold out at the distributor level. Image Comics will sire a second printing in order to keep up with feverish fan hunger.

Killadelphia #12 provides readers with a hair-raising conclusion to the second story arc. Jupiter and Abigail have decimated the city of brotherly love, and as their reign of terror reaches its climax, things look bleak for our heroes. If Philadelphia stands any chance of survival, James Sangster Sr. and son will have to reach out to the one person they’d never ally themselves with, or else no one will survive the night. But will that be enough to save them, or will the casualties continue?

The 40-page issue also includes part five of the horrifying werewolf back-up story “Elysium Gardens,” with art contribution by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz!

Killadelphia #12 (Diamond Code DEC208924) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 24.

Killadelphia #12 2nd printing