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Jenny Zero’s Going to Safe the World… Right After Last Call

From writers Dave Dwonch, Brockton McKinney, up and coming artist Magenta King, alongside colorist Megan Huang, comes a new kind of hero in the upcoming single issue mini-series Jenny Zero.

Meet Jenny Tetsuo, the hard-drinking, hard-partying daughter of the beloved superhero Mega Commander Zero. After washing out as the military’s top killer, “Jenny Zero” now lives the celebutante life with her hotel heiress and publicist best friend, Dana Sheraton. As the world returns to turmoil, Jenny must decide if she can give up her life and become the hero the world needs. Jenny Zero combines humor, heart, and monsters to create a superhero that’s blended, shaken, stirred — and perfectly imperfect.

Jenny Zero #1 (of four) arrives April 14, 2021.

Jenny Zero #1