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Heroes Reborn is… Reborn

Whatever happened to Earth’s mightiest heroes? Marvel will return to the world of “Heroes Reborn” in 2021.

Heroes Reborn relaunched the Marvel Universe after its heroes were wiped out by Onslaught. The story arc launched in 1996 and such creators as Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld (who at that time left for Image) return to the publisher.

The storyline was continued in 1997’s Heroes Reborn: The Return that had the reborn characters return to the original Marvel Universe.

Since then it’s been revisited a few times not just in collecteds but other series.

The teasers feature Coulson, the Hulk, Juggernaut, Logan, Peter Parker, Reed Richards and Benn Grimm, Thanos, and Wanda.

With more to come in 2021, Marvel has released teasers featuring artwork by Carlos Pacheco, inks by Rafael Fontirez and Mariano Taibo (Taibo on Coulson and Peter Parker), and color by Matt Milla.