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The Cult of Dracula Beckons in March

Dracula has never been so dangerous. Learn the depth of her influence in Cult of Dracula, written by Rich Davis with art by Henry Martinez. The first issue of the latest horror mini-series from Source Point Press is available for pre-order now and will be in shops on Wednesday, Mar. 31.

Special Agent Malcom Bram arrives at the House of the Rising Sun. This secluded compound is the home of the secretive Ordo Dracul and the scene of a horrendous crime coined, “The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides.” 

Mina Murray leads a documentary film crew to uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult by interviewing its enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield. Neither investigator is prepared for the gravity of the truths they will uncover. 

Dracula is eternal. A primordial being formed by the same essence of creation as Adam. Dracula is chaos. The eternal embodiment of entropy. This is her story…

The first issue of Cult of Dracula will be available in an A Cover by Gyula Nemeth and a B Cover from Shannon Maer.

Cult of Dracula #1