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Review: Post Americana #1

Post Americana #1

Post Americana #1 is a new entry in the apocalyptic post-America genre that feels like it’s in vogue right now. Steve Skroce does double duty in a debut issue that left me cheering for the bad guy.

In this world a disaster strikes forcing America’s leaders and their rich supporters to head to an underground bunker. But, the elected officials and heads of the government didn’t make it leaving just the rich to run the show. Now, years later, one person has come forward with a vision of re-uniting the United States.

Skroce delivers an interesting idea and concept. The idea of the rich taking over the nation completely and using it to rebuild in their vision is an interesting one. Unfortunately, what’s presented to start has be cheering them on.

After a daring escape from the bunker by those opposing the current leadership, we’re slowly introduced to what’s outside. What exists is a weird combination of Mad Max and other horrors, not exactly anyone you’d sympathize with. Beyond murder chickens there’s murdering rapists and murdering cannibals. We’re not presented with anyone we should be cheering to take on a stand. What’s hinted at beyond the initial two groups doesn’t sound much better since both seem to kneel to an unknown warlord. Everyone seems to be a bad guy and maybe that’s a point. There’s just a whole lot of bad directions and possibilities.

Skroce’s art is entertaining to look at and there’s a lot of creativity to the world. The style is very unique and stands out along with Dave Stewart‘s colors that make it all pop. There’s a lot of thought to the history of the world. Every character presented tells a story by themselves. It also opens up a lot of questions too as a society with such wonders has fallen into disarray and apparently, no one has used the technology to do much since.

Post Americana #1 delivers a good amount of action and some interesting concepts but as a whole has presented a lot of bad guys and no one to cheer on. Why wouldn’t I want a government to restore order when cannibals are running about? Where is the part of society that’s functioning and I’m supposed to care about? None of it is presented and none of it is really hinted at. For once, I’m hoping the 1% wins.

Story: Steve Skroce Art: Steve Skroce
Color: Dave Stewart Letterer: Fonografiks
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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