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Review: Knock Em Dead #1

Knock Em Dead #1

Pryor Brice is a guy just trying to make his way in the world of stand-up comedy. Night after night, he bombs and dies on-stage. He’s struggling with his craft but what happens when he’s killed in an accident with a stranger who has a lot of career advice for Brice? Knock ‘Em Dead presents the oddest comedy situation you’ll probably read.

I enjoy Eliot Rahal’s writing a whole lot. Some of his previous work, like Quantum & Woody, Midnight Vista, and Hot Lunch Special, show how wide a range he has and that he’s got an expanding area of what he’s willing to work in. It’s pretty fantastic in that nothing he writes feels like anything else he’s done. With Knock ‘Em Dead dealing with stand-up comedy, it felt like you could really feel the anxiety and discomfort of going up and bombing, as Pryor Brice does throughout this issue. I thought this one did flow a bit slower than some of Eliot’s other books. And having met Eliot, he’s a hilarious guy and I wish a bit more of that humor would have found its way into the pages.

This is my first exposure to Mattia Monaco’s work. I like what I saw of Monaco’s art. Not overly detailed and when coupled with Matt Milla’s colors, they really helped sell the atmosphere of what the story encompasses. Not for nothing but Taylor Esposito’s lettering is always A+ in everything he works on.

I had a bit higher hopes for the first issue of Knock ‘Em Dead. I loved the look but only kinda liked the story portion. That said, I’m definitely picking up the rest of this series as I tend to like everything Eliot Rahal writes. But, with how the story is playing out, I’m sure it really kicks into gear with the next issue. Here’s hoping for that.

Story: Eliot Rahal Art: Mattia Monaco
Color: Matt Mailia Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Story: 5.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Buy

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