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The Peacekeepers is a Twisted Comic Book Love Letter to Crime Dramas

Out now on Kickstarter, The Peacekeepers is a brooding and decidedly wicked crime drama that pulls no punches, that suffers no fools, that repeatedly gets knocked down, but always gets back up again with a smile. It’s an utterly treacherous comic dance.

All hell breaks loose in quaint a northern Michigan community when a team of in-over-their- heads bank robbers kills a beloved Sheriff’s Deputy. In a small town with BIG secrets, local detective Richard Holton races to peel back the layers of a depraved down-home conspiracy before the bungling Federal Agents assigned to the case send everyone involved to ground.

The Peacekeeper is by writer Rylend Grant, artist Davi Leon Dias, colorist Iwan Joko Triyono, and letterer HdE… the same twisted team that brought you 10 rip-roaring issues of Action Lab: Danger Zone’s critically-lauded political action thriller Aberrant. That comic is being developed for television by 24 & Felicity Executive Producer Tony Krantz.

This isn’t Grant’s first Kickstarter campaign. He raised over $15,000 back in July with a high concept sci-fi thriller titled The Jump. This Kickstarter campaign has already passed its goal guaranteeing it will be funded. You can chip in $5 for PDFs of Grant’s past work and $10 gets you the first two issues of The Peacekeepers. $20 will get you the print edition. Other pledges include variants, signed comics, original art, and more. The campaign ends on November 19.

The Peacekeepers
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