William Robertson and Yulio Lapko’s debut The Glass Wall is on Kickstarter Now from Soaring Penguin Press

Soaring Penguin Press

Following their shift to a crowdfunding business model, Soaring Penguin Press has launched their Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming publication The Glass Wall from William Robertson and Yulio Lapko. The campaign ends on Tuesday 27th October and has a goal of $7,760. Creators William and Yulia met online 10 years ago through a shared love of art.

In a recent Zoom conference regarding the UK Comics Creator Survey, it emerged that only 13% of creators earned their sole income from comics. Soaring Penguin Press want to redress that imbalance. Kickstarters help provide a substantial up-front payment.

Lucian’s life is fucked. In a self-obsessed East London where everyone is smoking, snorting, or shooting, where nights pass in a fog of half-remembered physical and emotional wounds, Lucian’s been advised—no, instructed—that the only defence is to wear an armour of indifference. Then his best friend is accused of raping his ex-fiancee. Should he pick a side? Or is he best to stay out of it?

You can get a digital edition for £5 (about $7) or the “early bird” softcover edition for £10 (about $13). Other rewards include hardcover editions, t-shirts, and original art.