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Review: Winterman Comics #3

Winterman Comics

Muscle memory to me is a fascinating thing. There may be things you have done since childhood that you automatically remember right away. I’ve seen this throughout my life in multiple situations. It’s kind of cool and kind of spooky, but nonetheless intriguing.

One time I saw in the military, where something somebody I worked with had not done something in ten years but he remembered how to do it like riding a bike. Then one time, my Dad drove to a place he had not seen in 20 something years but knew the way like it was nothing and this was before GPS. Memory recall goes with those actions, as the person remembers exactly when they last did it.  Geoff Thorne unravels our hero’s origins in the third chapter to his book, Winterman Comics.

We’re taken back to Other Country, where our hero is still in the fight with the Merk but is soon overwhelmed. . As we find Kally waking up as her younger self, naïve and untested.  Kally eventually sees her sister and her brother, who both are reticent of what has happened. By the issue’s end, we find out our hero is in some type of dream state as her present is converging with her stasis.

Overall, a great third chapter which raises the stakes for our protagonist. The story by Thorne is delightful. The art by Thorne is graceful. Altogether, a story that seeks to be unique.

Story: Geoff Thorne Art: Geoff Thorne
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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