Heavy Metal and the Frazetta Art Museum Partner for Covers, Special Features, and Merchandise

Heavy Metal #305

Heavy Metal Entertainment​ ’s legacy fans know the artwork of Frank Frazetta largely defines the magazine’s historic visual aesthetic, and an arrangement between the publisher and the estate of Frank Frazetta Jr and The Frazetta Art Museum will ensure that new fans will understand this.

Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ have agreed that the artwork of Frank Frazetta will be restored to the pages of the magazine, beginning with a special cover for issue #305 in February 2021, with ambitious plans to do more, including special features, variant covers, and more.

A collection of images for covers and merchandise will be curated by Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ for 2021 and beyond. Heavy Metal ​ states that at least 4 Frazetta covers will come out next year.

The inaugural cover is an homage to the late Frank Frazetta, a black and white self-portrait that evokes style and elegance. Future covers are being prepped for release along with some unreleased archive art from the master illustrator.

Issue 305 sees CEO Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, The launch of Patrick Smith’s The Queensbury Company​, Ron Marz’ Swamp God​, Bart and Michelle Sears’ Maiden, and a sit down with Frank Frazetta Jr. to talk art, the museum, his father’s legacy and everything in between.

Heavy Metal #305 ​ will be in-stores February 2021.