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ComiXology Has a Trio of Digital Comics Today from Magnetic Press and Harlequin

Today sees three new digital comic releases on comiXology. There’s two new comics from Magnetic Press and one from Harlequin. You can get them all now or check out the individual issues below.

The Prince & The Marriage Pact Vol. 3: Carramer Trust

Written by Valerie Parv
Art by Yu Mahara

“No marriages outside of royal families…” This has supposedly been the royal family’s pact for two hundred years. Annegret, a TV producer, is looking for a mysterious painting that is rumored to prove this pact. Snooping around the palace, Annegret soon finds herself in trouble but is saved by none other than Prince Maxim. She starts to fall for the sincere, passionate prince. But she knows there is no future for her, a commoner, with a member of the royal family.

The Prince & The Marriage Pact Vol. 3: Carramer Trust

Gunland Vol. 2 #5: Tribe

Written by Captain Artiglio
Art by Captain Artiglio

The Doolin’ Brothers are separated, each one learning to deal with their newfound magical powers while running from both the law and outlaws. Meanwhile, The Girl with No Name looks for her adoptive father Dave, feeling alone and abandoned in this strange, dangerous world…

Gunland Vol. 2 #5: Tribe

Orphans Vol. 4 #12: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Written by Roberto Recchioni
Art by Emiliano Mammucari
Colored by Annalisa Leoni

The Orphan Squad pass one last night on Earth before heading into deep space, and already the team begins cracking apart at the seams. Flash forward to the present — Juno has managed to crashland back on Earth, leaving on two survivors: Ringo and Jonas. And only one of them will walk away from that final conflict alive.

Orphans Vol. 4 #12: Rock 'n' Roll

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