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ComiXology Delivers a New Comic from Magnetic Press

ComiXology has a single new digital comic for you today on their platform. Check out a brand-new issue of Orphans from Magnetic Press!

Orphans Vol. 4 #11: We All Fall Down

Written by Roberto Recchioni
Art by Gigi Cavenago, Werther Dell’Edera
Colored by Gigi Cavenago, Giovanna Niro, Alessia Pastorello

The Orphan Squad is trained in the submersive hyperspace cryochambers before heading into space, but the nightmares they could face during those many months could kill them… Flashfoward to the present where Juno and Jonas, once passionate lovers, now play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse for control over the one starship that will bring her — and the world-shattering truth — back to Earth, a secret that Jonas will protect at any cost.

Orphans Vol. 4 #11: We All Fall Down