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The “Big Game” summer event launches in March with The Ambassadors

Bestselling dream team Mark Millar and Frank Quitely launch the first issue of The Ambassadors in March with a checklist of white-hot artists handling each of the six interconnected issues. The lineup includes: Olivier Coipel, Travis Charest, Matteo Buffagni, Karl Kerschl, and Matteo Scalera—a wish-list for any comic book fan.

This six issue Netflix miniseries will hit shelves in March from Image Comics as part of the highly anticipated “Big Game” summer event being prepped by Nemesis: Reloaded (with superstar Jorge Jiminez), Night Club with Juanan Ramirez, and the brand new volume of The Magic Order—currently being made as a huge live action show for the streamer. The Ambassadors will lead directly into the big 2023 Summer event “Big Game”, where all the Millarworld characters from Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Starlight, Jupiter’s Legacy, and more, come together in a huge adventure drawn by Marvel superstar Pepe Larraz.

The Ambassadors #1 will also feature variant covers by Larraz and Gigi Cavenago and give us a superhero comic unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

This new series promises an enormous story about ordinary people from around the world and explores what makes a select few worthy of power.

The Ambassadors #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 29.

James Harren Variant Covers Revealed fro Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1

Skybound has revealed an exciting variant cover lineup for Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1, the debut issue of the new prestige comic book series being written, drawn, and colored by superstar creator Lorenzo De Felici. Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 promises to take readers on a breathtaking adventure like none other, filled with strange creatures and unparalleled beauty, and will arrive in comic book shops November 2, 2022. 

The Kroma #1 variant lineup is headlined by two striking covers by acclaimed multihyphenate creator James Harren. In addition to the main cover by De Felici, the Kroma variant cover program includes two covers by rotating artists—with Harren on for issue #1—a colored dressed cover and a 1:10 black & white full art incentive cover, as well as a 1:25 black & white full art incentive cover by De Felici. Gigi Cavenago, Jakub Rebelka, and Mirka Andolfo will join in the rotating artist spot for future issues.  

Imprisoned in a tower within the walls of the Pale City, Kroma lives her days out in darkness, believing she is the most evil creature alive. However, where her people see a monster, the mysterious orphan Zet sees a human. But if either of them are to survive the city’s strange rituals and customs, they will have to overcome the cruel fate of Kroma…even if it means risking certain death beyond the walls in the jaws of giant lizards and enormous birds of prey. 

Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. 

The full list of covers is below: 

  • Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 Cover A by De Felici (SEP220029) 
  • Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 Cover B by Harren (SEP220030) 
  • Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 Cover C B&W Full Art (1:10 Copy Incentive) by Harren (SEP220031) 
  • Kroma by Lorenzo De Felici #1 Cover D B&W Full Art (1:25 Copy Incentive) by De Felici (SEP220032) 

The Magic Order’s Third Story Arc Kicks off in July

Superstar writer Mark Millar launches the third volume of his smash-hit horror series with artist Gigi CavenagoThe Magic Order 3 #1. This six-issue story arc will kick off from Image Comics in July.

So far readers have met the American and British members of the Magic Order. Now it’s time to meet the Asian chapter, including a brilliant new major player in the upcoming live-action Netflix show—Sammy Liu. This issue will be a huge collector’s item.

Magic Order 3 #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 27:

  • Cover A by Cavenago – Diamond Code MAY220044
  • Cover B by Cavenago B&W – Diamond Code MAY220045
  • Cover C by Greg Tocchini – Diamond Code MAY220046
  • Cover D by blank sketch cover – Diamond Code MAY220047
Magic Order 3 #1

ComiXology Delivers a New Comic from Magnetic Press

ComiXology has a single new digital comic for you today on their platform. Check out a brand-new issue of Orphans from Magnetic Press!

Orphans Vol. 4 #11: We All Fall Down

Written by Roberto Recchioni
Art by Gigi Cavenago, Werther Dell’Edera
Colored by Gigi Cavenago, Giovanna Niro, Alessia Pastorello

The Orphan Squad is trained in the submersive hyperspace cryochambers before heading into space, but the nightmares they could face during those many months could kill them… Flashfoward to the present where Juno and Jonas, once passionate lovers, now play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse for control over the one starship that will bring her — and the world-shattering truth — back to Earth, a secret that Jonas will protect at any cost.

Orphans Vol. 4 #11: We All Fall Down

ComiXology Delivers Six New Digital Comics for You Today

Start off your Monday with six new digital comics on comiXology. Comics from DC, Magnetic, and Harlequin line the digital shelf. See them all here or check them out below!

First Things First

Written by Josie Metcalfe
Art by Miyako Fujiomi

ER nurse Polly has her hands full with Nicholas, a doctor with a bad temper who works eighteen-hour shifts. The other nurses are afraid to go near him, so Polly visits his home for a talk. There she learns that after losing his wife and child in a car accident, Nicholas has thrown himself into work and is unable to move on from the grief. Polly is also carrying the wound of having lost a child, but on the anniversary of his loved ones’ deaths, she sees Nicholas doing something incredible!

First Things First

Knight On The Children’s Ward

Written by Carol Marinelli
Art by Yukako Midori

Annika was born into the famous Kolovsky family, but she goes against her proud mother to become a nurse. Unable to receive financial assistance from home, she works night and day to pay her bills. One day, she’s surprised when her coworker Ross calls out to her. He’s her older brother’s friend, but they’ve never really talked before. Ross says he is worried about how tired she’s looked lately. The more she gets to know him, the more she falls for him. However, that just reminds Annika that, to Ross, she’s nothing but his friend’s little sister…

Knight On The Children's Ward

Beloved Virago

Written by Anne Ashley
Art by Riho Sachimi

Beneath the skies of Paris in 1815, Katherine, an English-born young woman brimming with curiosity, awaits the arrival of a certain man. In order to expose the traitors who have been spilling her country’s secrets to France, she and her escort are to act together, masquerading as man and wife… But when her “husband” finally appears, Katherine is left at a loss for words. She is to play the wife of Major Daniel Ross, the brute who toyed with her best friend’s affections long ago and caused her no end of sorrow! Nevertheless, there is something alluring in Daniel’s gaze, inviting her into an adventure of romance yet unknown…

Beloved Virago

Orphans Vol. 3 #9: Cold as Space

Written by Roberto Recchioni
Art by Gigi Cavenago, Werther Dell’Edera
Cover by Massimo Carnevale

Ringo and Juno hold Juric hostage as they flee from their former squad mates bent on their apprehension. Trapped on a locked-down starship, their only hope of taking their dark discover back to Earth is reaching the bridge and commandeering the controls. But that’s a whole lot of opposition to fight through between points A and B…

Orphans Vol. 3 #9: Cold as Space

Streamliner #5: Bye-bye Lisa Dora

Written by Fane
Art by Fane
Cover by Fane

Race Day. The players are lined up and ready to go. But Billy Joe has been sabotaged minutes before the flag. Not like that’s ever stopped him in the past…

Streamliner #5: Bye-bye Lisa Dora

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10

Written by Michael Moreci, Dave Wielgosz
Pencils Riley Rossmo, Thony Silas
Inks Riley Rossmo, Thony Silas
Colored by Ivan Plascencia, Wil Quintana

Superman wakes up in chains and doesn’t know where he is. He’ll need to put the pieces together quickly if he’s to survive a brutal bout in this gladiator arena! The Main Man himself, Lobo, has come to Earth chasing a bounty, but Superman thinks Lobo is just hurting the little creature. Will Superman put a stop to Lobo, or does the alien have other plans?

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10

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